What are Leaders and Staff ?

In CISV, we are always looking for volunteers to animate and organise our programs. There are two distinct roles :

The Leaders are the adults traveling with the delegation of 4-6 children between the ages of 11-15. That means that they are the link between the children and their homeland. Depending on the age, they are a sort of substitute parent or sibling for the duration of camp. In order to keep the children focused on the camp, all communication between them and their parents goes through the Leader.
Leaders accompany the children in all activities, either by helping in the organisation or organising them themselves.
In certain programs Leaders and their delegation are required to organise a “cultural activity” about their country and prepare scrapbooks about the delegation.
In order to prepare for the camp, the leaders follow a training. They also organise meetings with the children and their families so that they can get better acquainted.

The Staff are the ones who prepare the camp in advance. They are present in all programs. They also take part in activities but have other responsibilities such as handling the forms, organising excursions and everything about the campsite. They are the link between the hosting chapter and the camp.

What you need to become a Leader/Staff

What we offer

If you like working with children, CISV will offer you an incomparable experience. You will be part of a camp in which all will live together despite cultural and national differences. You will get to experience teamwork with new perspectives as you organise activities along with the other leaders. And most importantly, you will meet people from all around the world and leave camp with new incredible friendships.

This is volunteer work but all expenses are covered by the delegation families.