What is CISV ?

An international, apolitical, secular organisation. Its purpose is to teach children and teenagers from different cultural backgrounds to live together in peace and understanding.

Hundreds of camps and meetings taking place every year at a local and international level.

A unique opportunity for children and teenagers to discover what they have in common, while valuing the cultural differences, to communicate through activities and games and to work together while building deep and long lasting friendships.

A fun and motivational way to learn or get better in English, which is the official language at camp.

A little bit of History

CISV was founded in 1950 by an American psychologist, Doris Allen. The first camp took place in the USA in 1951 with 9 different délégations. Today we are a federation of 70 Member Associations with over 200 Chapters or local groups.

How we do it

We offer an exciting blend of seven international camp-based, family exchange and local community programs. We aim to help our participants develop attitudes, skills and knowledge they will need to create connections and understanding between people from all over the world and thus contribute to peace.

CISV Themes

CISV has four main themes which all of the activities will gravitate around. The themes are Human Rights, Diversity, Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Development. Each year, one of these these becomes the CISV theme of the year and the main focus for all of that year’s programs.