• Presides over commitee meetings
  • Communicates with IO
  • Developps NA and budget strategy
  • Handles crisis, makes sure national and CISV laws are respected
  • Research of committee member
  • Assists CISV Switzerland in the organisation and realisation of projects
Annette - current

National Secretary

  • Contacts new member, gives information about CISV
  • Communication about local activities
  • Handles inscriptions to mini-camps and other programs
  • Updates the mailing lists
  • Follows up with payments and remainders
  • types the record of committee meetings

contact email : secretariat@cisv.ch


Risk Manager

  • International Training and recertification every 3 years
  • reminds the commitee of the CISV rules and possibility offered by the IO
  • Handles administrative: insurance, incident report forms
  • Manages risks and conflicts during camps hosted by Switzerland and for participants abroad. Has to be easy to join in case of emergency

National Treasurer

  • Account management
  • Budget strategy planning
  • Controls treasury, grants budget for activities and international trainings
  • Follows payments

National Representative

  • Link between CISV Switzerland and what goes in CISV International
  • Represents Switzerland in regional and international meeting and for all votes
  • Works in collaborations with other NARs on projects to help CISV evolve
  • Assists CISV Switzerland in the organisation and realisation of projects


  • International training and recertification every 3 years
  • Organise and conduct local training sessions for Leaders, Staffs and 16+ participants before their camps
  • Helps trainees register to international trainings (RTF)

Shop Manager

  • Oversees the manufacturing of products sold by CISV Switzerland
  • Manages the list of participants and delegation to make sure all leave for camp with a t-shirt and a hoodie that fits
  • Manages sales and remaining stock

Mini-camps coordinators

  • Oversees the organisation of mini camps
  • Manages volunteers
  • Manages inscriptions

National Camp coordinator

  • Oversees the organisation of the mini camps
  • Research of local and international Staff for the national camp
  • Logistic help for the Staffs to organise transportation, host families, etc.
  • Organises the relay of "on call" people so that there is always a contact person during the camp (in addition to the Risk Manager)

Public relations Team

  • Organises activities to increase CISV visibility in Switzerland
  • Research of sponsors and places for activities and events
  • Registers the CISV for events (Ex: La Plaine des Jeunes)
  • Organises opportunity to presentthe CISV in schools, universities, etc
Luca et Annabella

National junior representative

  • Organise CISV events through the year
  • Coordination of the mini camps activities
  • Contact with other young CISVers in the world to organise international projects

contact email : njr@cisv.ch



  • Updates the CISV Switzerland website
  • Updates online registration and members list
  • Updates the calendar on the website
  • Link with other social media (JB)
  • Futur Projects: online payment, online shop, etc

contact email : webmaster@cisv.ch

Program Coordinators

  • Oversees the preparation for the camp, from the trainings until the delegations are back from camp
  • For the camps with a full delegation and leader : makes sure there is a good communication between the families and the leader before the camp
  • Administrative: makes sure all forms are filled out correctly and sent out before the deadlines
  • Assists CISV for the organisation of projects

contact mail : rdp@cisv.ch

Village - Blandine

Youth Meeting - Margarita

Step Up - We are looking for someone

16+ (YM and Seminar)